George Garfield Nader (1921 – 2002) was born to Alice Scott and George Nader Sr. in Pasadena, California. He had Lebanese genes which lent him his good looks and strapping young personality besotted by people working in the acting industry.

Nader from a very young age knew that he wanted to work in films which resulted in his Bachelor’s degree from Occidental College in Theatre Expressions. After his stint in Navy, he came back to pursue his career in acting.

His lifelong partner Mark Miller was a steadfast friend till the very end of Nader’s lively life. The ups and downs of George Nader’s life can only be compared to a roller coaster or a movie plot. From being chosen by Universal for starring in a movie dubbed as the ‘worst film of all times’ to having his career ravaged by the same production house for being homosexual; Nader had seen all in his lifetime.

He lived in Europe as well for a decade where he salvaged the remaining glory days of his career. And just when he was settling in, he had to quit acting following a car crash. But where one door was shut, another opened warmly for Nader. Around this period, Nader’s fast friend Rock Hudson left a major portion of his estate to him.

Nader and Miller moved back to Palm Springs where he spent his days writing. He excelled in this field as well. His debut book was ‘Chrome’ which became an instant hit with people. The book has gone under 6 re-prints and is still a 3.5 star on good reads.

For 3 decades while in States towards the end of his life, Nader would fly back and forth between California and Palm Springs. His final days were spent in a nursing home in California where he passed away aged 80.