There are many movies which Nader starred in. He was a big heart throb with many young people as he always showed on screen with his chest hair intact. In 1950 Nader got his first big break when he starred in ‘Rustlers on Horseback’ as Jack Reynolds. He also worked in a TV series during this time called ‘Fireside Theatre’.

There were many uncredited roles between Nader’s first films to his infamous 1953 role in ‘Robot Monster’. Once Nader was signed up with Universal there was an array of short roles, cameo performances and supporting roles. He worked in many feature filsm such as ‘Sins of Jezebel’ (1953), Hallmark Hall of Fame (1953) and Carnival Story (1954).

His major acting performances were in the starring roles turned down by Jeff Chandler in 1955; ‘Six bridges to Cross’, ‘The Second Greatest Sex’ and ‘Lady Godiva of Coventry’. Before this he made two noteworthy performances under the Universal banner in ‘Four Guns to the Border’ and ‘Miss Robin Crusoe’.

Nader never lost touch with acting in TV serials and he performed a number of episodes for ‘The Loretta Young Show’, ‘Cavalcade of America’, Lux Video Theatre’, ‘The further adventures of Ellery Queen’ and ‘The Man and the Challenge’.

After moving to Europe George Nader received a big break working in a series of West German films about an FBI operator called ‘Jerry Cotton’. Audience seemed to love the character played by him and he performed in 8 movies of the franchise.

He worked in another 4 standalone German movies called ‘The House of 1000 dolls’ and ‘The million eyes of Sumuru’. In 1973, Nader worked in Beyond Atlantis as Nereus and in ‘74 right before his accident as McMasters in Nakia.

Nakia was his last performance as George Nader had a car accident soon after this. The accident left him with Glaucoma which rendered him unable to work under bright lights.