Nader receives standing ovation in 1st Annual Palm Springs Film Noir Festival

There are not many people in today’s generation who are aware of the versatile yesteryear actor George Nader. However, those of us who do know about him are crazy about his acting and youthful looks in the old school movies.

George Nader was among the most under rated actors of Hollywood and it was only his tenaciousness and spirit which got him a standing ovation in the Palm Springs Annual Festival. Nader is known for his role in many movies such as ‘Robot Monster’, ‘Sins of Jezebel’, ‘Lady Coventry of Godiva’ to name a few.

His life’s story is nothing short of a movie plot. Nader started his acting career from theatre at Pasadena Playhouse. This is also where he met his life partner Mark Miller. After a couple of stints in various movies George Nader was picked up by Universal where he also met Rock Hudson who went on to become one of the closest friends.

Soon after Nader was embroiled in a scandal and had to leave the States and his acting career in Hollywood behind. Not one to be deterred, Nader made a name for himself in Europe by starring in a series of German films.

Nader never lost touch with Hudson and helped him during his final days. After Hudson passed away George Nader received a substantial amount from his estate and moved back to Palm Springs where he stayed till he passed away.

George Nader after acting applied his creativity to writing books. He authored an all-time best seller; ‘Chrome’ based on same sex relations between a human and a robot. He also co-authored ‘The Perils of Paul’ with his partner Mark Miller which was self-published in 1999.

George Nader came out with his homosexuality in 1980 when the world was still apprehensive to homosexuality.